6 Months Postpartum

Halfway through my first year of parenthood. It’s hard to believe that much time has passed. I’m finally getting the hang of things: breast feeding in public, bathing him, packing enough diapers while we are out, learning to eat with one hand, etc.
My confidence as a mom is building and I’m feeling quite comfortable in my mom hat. I couldn’t do it without my amazing husband though. The breaks he gives me, his ability to keep me cool and the way he makes my son laugh… It’s all incredibly sexy.
Here is my postpartum update from head to toe:
Hair: I unfortunately made the decision to chop my hair off & became victim to the mom cut. It’s growing out though and it looks like my hair loss has stopped!
Head/mental/emotional: I have had a few boohoo moments while going through Colton’s clothes that no longer fit but overall I’m happy he’s growing and is a healthy boy. I have baby fever…BAD. But I really don’t want to start trying until Colton is 1 and we have a steady income.
Boobies: I feel that it’s easier for me to measure my boobs with a ruler instead of a cup size. There is no perkiness here!!
Breast feeding is going well. Only a bite here and there.
Belly: My stretch marks are fading and my tummy is flattening! I’m looking forward to working out soon!
Down There: I got my IUD out this week because I hated it! I have been in the mood lately (finally) and it feels like I’m a virgin again. Thanks for the extra stitch, Doc.
Feet: Water retention is gone! I have bones in my feet again!

I’m loving this stage in my life and am looking forward to focusing on getting even healthier.


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