Manifestation of My Exhaustion

If I had a line break for every interruption I received while writing this post it would be 100 pages long. Smiling nods acknowledging the ball of multi-colored play-doh, wiping noses and butts, reading books, crazy shaking with Team Umizoomi and refilling a sippy cup for the 5th time are all happening before I get … Continue reading Manifestation of My Exhaustion

(Giveaway Closed) Oilogic Giveaway & Review!

You know, it's one thing to find a product that you like and works well. It's a whole new ball game when you find a brand that makes you want to share their products with the world! I have found that with Oilogic and I want to share their products with you in this giveaway! … Continue reading (Giveaway Closed) Oilogic Giveaway & Review!