This Is “Married With Children” Sexy

Dear Husband, I want you to know that I truly think you're the sexiest man on this planet. I still get butterflies when I see you. As much as I pretend that I hate it, I think it's hilarious when you thrust your nude manhood around like an unemployed stripper. I love it when you drop … Continue reading This Is “Married With Children” Sexy


I Breastfeed My Preschooler For Selfish Reasons

He'll be 3 years old in about one month. He's so smart and tough. A little boy to the core: loves to play in the dirt, has buckets full of Hot Wheels and loves to rough house with his daddy. He's independent and opinionated. I made the decision to breastfeed shortly before he was born. … Continue reading I Breastfeed My Preschooler For Selfish Reasons