Last Day of Maternity Leave!

I was going to do a vlog today but I can get my thoughts out quicker by typing while Colton is napping. Today is my last day of maternity leave and it's mostly sweet with a slight hint of bitter. I've decided to look at returning to work as getting one day closer to having … Continue reading Last Day of Maternity Leave!


Maternity Leave Day 2-6: Baby boy has arrived!

Yes, it's true! My son Colton is finally here! Very quickly, while he's sleeping, I'll let you know how my labor and¬†delivery¬†went.On Tuesday (Day 2 of Maternity Leave) I woke up at 3am with strong contractions and (TMI Alert!) bloody show. I waited a few hours and my husband and I went to the hospital … Continue reading Maternity Leave Day 2-6: Baby boy has arrived!