The Person I Let Happen

"I love the person I've become because I fought to become her." - Kaci Diane   I recently saw this quote pop up on my Facebook feed and I was awestruck by how far removed I have become from its message. In the past couple years, especially the last year, I have found myself living life … Continue reading The Person I Let Happen


You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be*

Were you ever told that you could be whatever you wanted to be? I have a cliche country song image of being on my dad's knee and him telling me that I can be whatever I wanted to be when I grew up. I remember my mind racing with possibilities. I could be a princess, … Continue reading You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be*

Dear Santa,

My Christmas list is different this year, Santa. You won't find the typical items. No electronics, no perfume, and no gift cards. I've learned a lot about what's important this year, and I hope you'll bring me these few things.  Serenity. I don't want to worry about a bill, money, making anyone happy, searching for clients. … Continue reading Dear Santa,