Why You Need to “Do Disney” In The Fall

There are so many magical reasons to vacation in Disney or on a Disney cruise in the fall. We've always wanted to go on a Disney cruise but were deterred by the prices. After doing some research we found out it wasn't quite out of our budget after all. Reasons to "do Disney" in the … Continue reading Why You Need to “Do Disney” In The Fall


Fall Favorites Tag (Inspired by Jaclyn Hill)

Well, lovelies I am currently on a cruise but I didn't want to leave you hanging with no new content. Since fall is officially here I wanted to do Jaclyn Hill's fall tag! I've added a few things to the tag as well. I'd love to hear your fall favorites to be sure to tag … Continue reading Fall Favorites Tag (Inspired by Jaclyn Hill)

Creative Personalized Gifts – Crafty Creations

Pinterest is chock full of beautiful¬†personalized crafts and gifts. My heart wants to try my hand at them but my¬†head and hands say otherwise. I am not a creatively crafty person but lucky for me, I have come across Crafty Creations. Anissa is the mastermind behind the most meaningful, creative and adorable personalized gifts I … Continue reading Creative Personalized Gifts – Crafty Creations