If My Son Is Gay…

If my son is gay I will pray. Not for him, not that he'll change, but that I'll have the grace, compassion and wisdom to convey my unconditional love and acceptance for him just the way he is. If my son is gay I will pray that I've helped instill a strong sense of confidence … Continue reading If My Son Is Gay…


Fabu-Less Finds for Kids!

You all are big fans of the beauty bargain series so I wanted to bring you the same for all things kids! Be sure to follow me on social media so you can find out about these awesome deals as I come across them. HauteLook: I've gotten so many great deals on HauteLook. Lucky for … Continue reading Fabu-Less Finds for Kids!

Creative Personalized Gifts – Crafty Creations

Pinterest is chock full of beautiful¬†personalized crafts and gifts. My heart wants to try my hand at them but my¬†head and hands say otherwise. I am not a creatively crafty person but lucky for me, I have come across Crafty Creations. Anissa is the mastermind behind the most meaningful, creative and adorable personalized gifts I … Continue reading Creative Personalized Gifts – Crafty Creations