What I Ate On My First Week Of NutriSystem

  My first week on Nutrisystem was quite a learning experience. I will say though, that it pumped me up and motivated me like nothing has before. Because I decided to really indulge in all my fatty junky favorites the day before starting my Nutrisystem diet, I found myself starving. Check out my previous post … Continue reading What I Ate On My First Week Of NutriSystem


Things to Know BEFORE Starting NutriSystem

Alright you guys, I made it through the Fast Five week! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! Was I hungry? Yes I was... But it showed me just how much I was overeating and eating so much of the wrong thing. There are some things I wish I knew prior to … Continue reading Things to Know BEFORE Starting NutriSystem

Creative Personalized Gifts – Crafty Creations

Pinterest is chock full of beautiful¬†personalized crafts and gifts. My heart wants to try my hand at them but my¬†head and hands say otherwise. I am not a creatively crafty person but lucky for me, I have come across Crafty Creations. Anissa is the mastermind behind the most meaningful, creative and adorable personalized gifts I … Continue reading Creative Personalized Gifts – Crafty Creations