Parenting with Anxiety and Depression

This is what it is like to be a parent while struggling with anxiety and depression. I've been an attentive mom lately. I mean, I've met their needs the past few days. I haven't been angry or even frustrated, but I haven't really been there. I feel like my life is just happening before me. I'm … Continue reading Parenting with Anxiety and Depression


Manifestation of My Exhaustion

If I had a line break for every interruption I received while writing this post it would be 100 pages long. Smiling nods acknowledging the ball of multi-colored play-doh, wiping noses and butts, reading books, crazy shaking with Team Umizoomi and refilling a sippy cup for the 5th time are all happening before I get … Continue reading Manifestation of My Exhaustion

Creative Personalized Gifts – Crafty Creations

Pinterest is chock full of beautiful personalized crafts and gifts. My heart wants to try my hand at them but my head and hands say otherwise. I am not a creatively crafty person but lucky for me, I have come across Crafty Creations. Anissa is the mastermind behind the most meaningful, creative and adorable personalized gifts I … Continue reading Creative Personalized Gifts – Crafty Creations

Why You Should Wait Until You’re Financially Set To Have Children

You may have stumbled upon this blog post for several reasons. Perhaps your SO is ready to start a family but you're panicked because you just saw that raising a child actually costs something like $2 million. Maybe your co-worker is upset that their daycare cost went up $15 for the second time this year … Continue reading Why You Should Wait Until You’re Financially Set To Have Children