Ok… I’m Done Being Fat

I’ve reached the point where I avoid my reflection. If I catch a glimpse of myself in a store window or God forbid someone tags me in an unsuspecting picture, I hardly recognize myself. I never fully lost the baby weight from my first child and definitely didn’t lose it after having my second. In fact, I’m only several pounds away from what I weighed just a day before going into labor. My clothes don’t fit, my skin is aging, I’m tired and totally unhealthy. I’m also setting a very poor example to my kids. Something has clicked and I just know I’m done feeling this way.

Alright, that’s all fine and dandy but what the heck do I do to change? It’s January so I’m bombarded with diet plans, pills, recipes, shakes and everything in between. Well, it’s mom to the rescue! Let me back track… Since I was little my mom has been a QVC Queen. I’m surprised if they don’t know her by name. This woman LOVES QVC and it has really come in handy. She was watching their special on Nutrisystem and called me wanting me to talk her out of it. There are pros and cons, but secretly I had been wanting to try it so I was hoping she’d be my guinea pig. I didn’t talk her out of it and she ultimately decided to take the leap. After some thought and budgeting, I decided we’d do it together and I leapt too.

Sweet Lord what have we gotten into?!

She and I have the exact same weakness: SUGAR. I want candy, chocolate, ice cream, cookies, rich salad dressings, fruit and caramel sauce all over my body… I’ve literally fantasized about diving into a pool of Jell-O. Sugar is my drug and I’m an addict. I’m also a lazy cook and not exactly a decent one when I try. I need to lazy-proof my diet plan and take the guess work out of it. Nutrisystem seems to do all the work for me. I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit nervous to taste some of the shelf stable meals, but I keep reminding myself: IT’S JUST FOOD. It’s literally a few minutes of my day. If I want some warm comforting feelings, I can turn on a Richard Gere movie and get the warm and fuzzy feeling that I get from food.

I keep seeing these phenomenal fitness transformations and I’m so envious and wishing I could do that. I am NO different from those people. I know I can do this and I’m excited to have my mom along on this journey. We’re looking for recipes together, watching vlogs, reading menus and preparing to kick ass!

I’ll be blogging AND vlogging along on this journey. Stay tuned for my Nutrisystem unboxing video coming up very shortly (I still haven’t opened my first shipment and I’m chomping at the bit!). I also have some tools and supplies that I think will come in handy. I hope you join me – whether I’m your guinea pig, inspiration or comic relief, I hope you’ll get something out of this.

If you’re inspired to join Nutrisystem, I do have a referral link that will save you some money: http://my.nutrisystem.com/x/1CcrgE

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4 thoughts on “Ok… I’m Done Being Fat

  1. HI Ladies, I have also just started NS. I have been doing it for a little over a week and have lost 7 lbs so far. Pretty happy with that. It isn’t hard, and I have been keeping to the plan. I have been disappointed in some of the food. Some are VERY Bland. The meatloaf and mashed potatoes and the alfredo tasted like nothing. What are your favorite foods so far? Hey what can I say…it is all about the food. 🙂


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