(Giveaway Closed) Oilogic Giveaway & Review!

You know, it’s one thing to find a product that you like and works well. It’s a whole new ball game when you find a brand that makes you want to share their products with the world! I have found that with Oilogic and I want to share their products with you in this giveaway!

A few weeks ago Jackson (16 months) needed breathing treatments to kick the last bit of his cough and cold. He was so fussy and miserable he couldn’t sleep. We went to our second home (Target) and I looked at the baby aisle for something that would help him. Oilogic Stuffy Nose and Cough oil was on sale and for less than $10, I was willing to try it. On our way back home I rubbed a bit on the bottom of his feet and on his chest and within 15 minutes he was sound asleep. After a day and a half of using the product he was off the nebulizer completely and was back to his normal toddling self.stuffynose

I enjoy using essential oils, but I am admittedly overwhelmed by them. Which oils are safe for children? What kind of carrier oil do I need? How much do I need to dilute it? Which oils benefit specific ailments? There’s a lot to know about essential oils and luckily this product removes all of the guess work! If you’ve ever had to give your child a breathing treatment with a nebulizer you know that it’s not always easy. In fact, Jack hated it! He also hates taking medicine – as most children do. I was thrilled that something so simple and affordable had helped us so much!

After a couple days I reached out to Oilogic to tell them how absolutely grateful I was for their product. While looking for their contact info I browsed their product list and stumbled upon their Nom-A-Mom and #MomCrush pages. I also read about how the owners are moms just like me that deal with snotty noses, diapers, packing lunches and all the other thrills that go along with motherhood. They know how hard and joyous it can be. Please check out their website and read about how these awesome mamas are being entrepreneurial role models to their children and putting the spotlight on other hard working mothers out there!


Visit the nom-a-mom page!


They were so kind to send me several products to review and give away! I can tell you that I cannot imagine life with out the Sleep oil. It is TRULY a life saver! I use this when the kids get so restless they’re too tired to sleep. In minutes, they’re relaxed and drifting away in dream land. It helped out tremendously on our cruise!


Courtesy Oilogic


My kids suffer greatly from seasonal allergies. Jack is still too young to try their Itchy Eyes & Sneezes oil (for allergies) but Colton actually enjoys putting the oil on. “It tickles, mama!” He really likes it when I put it on his feet. I prefer this over daily allergy medicine. It seems to be working quite well!


Courtesy Oilogic

If you’re familiar with my blog, you know Colton has sensory processing disorder. I’ve noticed some regression with his SPD and I’ve started to explore the benefits of Relax & Calm. I’ve heard of many other parents raving about the benefits of Essential Oils helping with SPD. This doesn’t make him tired or sluggish, but it seems to help him focus and think more clearly.

The price is unbeatable. When you compare it to the cost of infant and children’s medicines, it will come out on top every time. I’m so excited to be offering this as a give away. I’ll be giving away ONE Itchy Eyes & Sneezes, ONE Relax & Calm and ONE Stuffy Nose & Cough. THREE WINNERS will be chosen on 10/13 and I’m so excited for those people because these products are absolutely wonderful!!

Please click on the image below to enter!



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