Things Parents Think They’re Doing Wrong…

Even the most gentle and present minded parents have their off days. Here are some relatable things that parents do that we’re not proud of, but happen.

  1. “I’m pretty sure when I yell at my kids to quit yelling I’m sending the wrong message.” (jamcan162)yelling.gif
  2.  “I dated a woman for a couple years who had a young boy. One day, I did the magic trick of “hiding” a quarter that he had. He looked all over the living room for it, and was starting to get a little despondent, when I magically pulled it out of his ear. Now he thinks that whenever something’s missing, it’s in his ear. His mom and I broke up over a year ago, but apparently he still thinks this, at the age of five. I hope I didn’t break the poor kid permanently.” (Osiris32)magic
  3. “Let my kid watch too much TV. I know it’s not the worst thing in the world, but she did watch too much. Basically it’s a wonder of a distraction and can let me get some work done.” (pawxy)
  4. “When my oldest daughter was four, she asked me how babies came out of a mommy’s tummy when they are born.I told her the truth.She walked around the house clutching her crotch for days.”(very_large_ears) horrified
  5. “I wish I had been more firm on chores when my 12 yr old was younger. Wouldn’t be such a hassle now.” (Nikki9doors)
  6.  “I always swore my kid wouldn’t partake in so much technology. She’s 3 and can run my Kindle Fire a million times better than I can and find her shows on Netflix on the Wii without any help.” (radiantreality)technology 

We all feel like we’re doing something wrong. Sometimes we are, but take the opportunity to teach your children that we’re not perfect and we’re doing our best. Sometimes we do the “wrong” thing just to get us through the day. Can you relate to some of these parents’ confessions?


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