Top 10 Ways to Save Money WITHOUT Clipping Coupons!

UPDATED 3/16/18:

How I’ve missed a shopping club where you earn products AND cash, I have no friggin’ idea! For just $1 (for a limited time) you have access to an online shopping club with all natural products. From everything from makeup, to cleaning products – pet supplies to supplements, everything is here for the SAME price as all the crap with toxic chemicals in it. You officially have NO excuse to hoard those chemicals under your sink.

You’ll earn cash from referrals and special promotions. Now through 3/31/18 when you refer just 2 people you’ll get a FREE diffuser and essential oils. When you refer 4 you’ll earn a TON more oils. It’s literally that simple. I’m seriously shook (as the youth say).

Check it out here

There comes a time in everyone’s life when it is time to buckle down and start adulting. Part of adulting is saving money. It is one of the hardest things for me to do, but I am finding new ways to save and even make money. Couponing is obviously one way to save money but I find it to be so cumbersome and I end up spending more money on things I don’t actually want or need. This top 10 list will help you save money on things you’re doing anyway. Feel free to watch my Youtube video here, or scroll down to the brief descriptions below:
[youtube https://www.youQapital

    1. Qapital is an app that is available for Andriod and Apple devices that helps you put money into savings effortlessly. In roughly 3 months we have saved almost $300. I’m blown away because I haven’t even noticed the money leaving our account. It is absolutely free. There are no hidden fees or costs and the money you put in is available to you at any time. It takes 1-2 days to transfer the money you’ve saved into your account. You customize it to fit your budget. This is definitely the top of my list! Here’s a referral link and if you use it we both get $5. How ’bout them apples?!

  1. Target’s Cartwheel App
    1. I’m sure you’re familiar with the Cartwheel App. It’s very simple to use and I like that it actually gives you suggestions on things that are on sale. Just scan the bar code with your phone and if it’s on sale then great! If it’s not on sale, you’ll get suggestions on what you can buy to save some extra $
  2. Wal-Mart Savings Catcher App
    1. This app is very simple to use. Simply scan your Wal-Mart receipt using your phone and they’ll check all local competitors for you. If you could’ve saved money somewhere else, they’ll pay you the difference. Make sure you scan your receipt within 7 days or you won’t be able to use the receipt. Your savings will be available via online gift card.
  3. Ibotta
    1. This is a simple rebate based app. You redeem your savings by taking quick surveys or watching videos. Use this referral code to get $10 (and I’ll get $5) gftsyw
  4. Ebates
    1. This is another very simple way to save money on things you buy anyway. Just visit their website and start shopping. You’ll receive a check for all the money you saved! Get a $10 gift card for signing up!
  5. CVS App
    1. In addition to being able to refill your Rx with a click of a button, you can have very easy access to your membership card as well as coupons and deals that you’re eligible for. Any time I don’t have to get the scissors out to cut coupons, I’m happy!
  6. HauteLook
    1. GIRL, if you’ve followed me for a minute, you know I love me some Hautelook! They have the BEST friggin’ deals on cosmetics, clothing, kids items, you name it. On top of a great deal you can also earn $ for referring friends. Sign up here!
  7. Amazon Prime
    1. Of course you know Amazon Prime comes with free 2 day shipping (and depending on your location, SAME day shipping), but did you know about restaurant delivery, streaming music, book sharing, streaming TV, Prime Pantry and membership sharing? Check it out here!
  8. Become a Product Reviewer
    1. Earn free products and even cash by reviewing products. This can be VERY time consuming so keep that in mind. If you think it’s worth your time you can check out some of these sites: Swagbucks Survey Junkie and more
  9. Credit Card Rewards
    1. Don’t be dumb with credit cards and they’ll work to your benefit. Earn points, cash back and rewards when you use them responsibly. Make sure you check into annual fees and interest rates before getting into an agreement. If you can pay off your balance every month and NOT accrue interest while still earning rewards, that’s the way to do it. You can check out where you can get your credit score and find credit cards that are best suited for your current financial needs.

What are some ways that you and your family save money? Comment below or find me on

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