How to Save BIG on Nutrisystem!

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Alright, guys after cancelling my order through QVC, I’m now back ON the Nutrisystem train and ready to show you how you can save money on the program! If you haven’t read things to know before starting Nutrisystem via QVC, be sure to check that out!

What You Need To Know BEFORE Ordering Nutrisystem from QVC

I’m not trying to knock QVC but I think it’s only fair to let you know that you don’t get ALL the perks of Nutrisystem when you order through QVC. The blog post mentioned above goes into more detail. While ordering through QVC may save you some money, I will not be discussing that method here.

Nutrisystem offers referral discounts. So since I am referring you, you get $50 off your order by clicking here. Easy peasy savings right off the bat!

Be on the lookout for sales. Presidents Day, Black Friday, 4th of July are all great days to join because Nutrisystem is usually running great sales. But if you’re wanting to start your diet NOW, then you should definitely check out Ebates first. When you sign up you’ll get $10 cash back with your first purchase. Cha-ching! When you’re logged in to Ebates search for Groupon and activate it. Right now, Ebates is offering 9% cash back just for shopping with Groupon. Don’t forget to create your Groupon account here. It’s a great place to start because they offer new customers additional savings. Currently you can buy the Weekends My Way Core plan for $149.99 on Groupon. Normally that plan costs  a minimum of $249.99 making it a 40% savings. Not too shabby!

So between your cash back, new customer bonus from Ebates and Groupon discount you’ll only be paying $125. I don’t think you can even buy 4 weeks worth of healthy groceries for that price! Please note that you cannot use the $50 off referral bonus from Nutrisystem on this deal. If you’d like to use that, see below:

If you choose not to go through Groupon, you can still use Ebates to save you quite a bit of cash! While shopping in Ebates, activate the Nutrisystem savings. You’ll get 40% off plus free bars and shakes, free shipping and 7.5% cash back (offer valid until 12/17). This offer comes to $220 and includes shipping. With Ebates discount, cash back, their new customer bonus and your Nutrisystem Referral, you’ll pay $154. Still a fantastic deal!

Now, to save even more money head on over to Costco and buy their Nutrisystem gift cards. Occasionally they’ll have them on sale and a $100 gift card will only cost you $60!!!  Normally they’re only $80 so that still saves you money. Let’s just say you don’t get the gift cards on sale and you pay the normal $80… You’ll get a month of food for $134.

But if you jump on that sale like the savings hawk that you are, you’ll only pay $114.

I strongly encourage you to be on the Nutrisystem plan for at least 2 months before you venture out. You get so many benefits with the program that are extremely beneficial. You are also able to refer your friends and family and save even more money every month. But if your budget prohibits you from joining (I totally understand), then you can go to Wal-Mart and buy 1 week program. Amazon also offers individual items for you to try.

I’ve been taking pictures of my meals on Instagram and telling my friends and family about Nutrisystem and had a couple referrals just from that. I was able to get my order down to just $50 by using the methods I mentioned. The plan works! The weight will come off, you’ll truly change your life. I believe that Nutrisystem is a training wheels diet – meaning, it teaches you what and how to eat and prepares you for life off the program. You don’t have to be on it for years and years. Once you’ve mastered the plan and learn how to eat healthy, you can come off the plan and the weight will stay off.

Have you found ways to save on Nutrisystem? I’d love to know your savvy secrets!


My Savings this month!

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