What You Need To Begin Your Makeup Collection

I would watch Youtube video after video hoping to find a comprehensive list of must-have brushes and products to get me started with my makeup collection. Up until about 18 months ago, I didn’t care about makeup so I was clueless on what I needed to actually get a flawless look. Every time I’d watch a tutorial I was tempted to buy whatever palette or foundation they were mentioning but it’s really not necessary. I’m going to go over what you need in your kit in 3 levels. This post is going to cover what you need as a true beginner wanting to improve your skills and gradually grow your collection. This is for the people in the makeup aisle not knowing what to reach for or why you need it. I’ll cover what you need for intermediate and advanced levels in later posts.

Please realize that makeup is SO versatile and dynamic. What I would consider a necessity, someone else may find frivolous. Also, there are constantly new products hitting the shelves and it’s impossible to keep up. Everyone has different skin types so that is something to keep in mind as well. Alright, without further adieu, here we go!

    • A brush set would definitely be the easiest way to get a variety of brushes, but I honestly don’t think it’s completely necessary. Unless you can find an awesome deal when Hautelook is having a Morphe sale, there are really only 5 brushes that you need to get any look. Yes…. FIVE.
    • 1. Fluffy Blending Brush (eyes): This will help you in applying transition colors to your crease as well as blending. These are all VERY similar and while it’s a vital part to any eye makeup look, you don’t have to spend a pretty penny on it. The brush below is from BH Cosmetics and is less than $5.

      BH Cosmetics Blending Brush

      I personally love my Morphe Blender Fluff and my Sonia Kashuk blending brush. If it looks like the brush pictured, it’ll probably get the job done.

    • 2. Shader/ Crease Brush (eyes): This brush will help you pack color onto your lid, smudge your bottom lash line and shade your crease. Whether your working with shadow or pigment, this will get the job done. The brush below is less than $3 right now on BH Cosmetics.


      BH Cosmetics Crease/Smudge Brush

    • 3. Angled Brush (eyes & brows): If you’re wanting to do a w

      BH Cosmetics Angled Brush

      inged liner using gel or sculpt your brows using powder or pomades, you’ll want to get an angled brush. For winged liners you want something stiff and short. You can use the same type of brush for your brows too but you may want to invest in 2. There are brushes specifically for brows, but I’ve gotten away with just a simple angled brush.

    • 4. Foundation Sponge (face): Depending on what foundations you use, you may also want to get a foundation brush. My favorite is from Tarte. I personally don’t care for the flat foundation brushes since they leave brush strokes. I feel that my thicker creamy foundations go on much better with a brush whereas my watery liquid foundations apply better with a sponge. This is where you want to spend your money because it sets your whole base. A sponge is going to be much more versatile as it will be able to assist you with your foundation, concealer, setting powder and even help clean up your eye shadow.beauty blender.gif
      • 5. Kabuki Brush (face): One of my favorite brushes OF ALL TIME is my Elf Kabuki Face Brush. The one I have isn’t sold anymore but there is one that is very similar on their website and through BH Cosmetics

        BH Cosmetics Angled Kabuki

        . I use this to apply my setting powder, blush, contour and highlight. You can squeeze and maneuver it  so it’s smaller and more condensed and get resourceful with it.

It was so hard to narrow it down to these 5 tools but I really do think that you can get a complete look with these items. If you can find a set that includes most of these things for a great price, go for it! But if you’re wanting to just buy a few individual brushes, this is the way I’d go.

Now let’s talk about makeup! There are so many brands, prices and types of makeup out there. I’ll give a few examples for all budgets but keep in mind that your skin may be totally different from mine. My biggest recommendation is to go to Sephora and try some samples for yourself.

    • Primer: A primer will help smooth out textures, minimize pores, make your skin look luminous and make your makeup last. Elf has a variety of primers that I love and they’re only $6. Benefit Porefessional is another favorite of mine and is $12 at Ulta. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples of primer at Sephora.
    • Foundation: For me, this is where I tend to splurge. I love trying new foundations and I have to say, the drugstore brands have started to compete with high-end brands. My current favorites are YSL Touche Eclat Le Teient and L’Oreal Pro Glow Foundation. I’m all over the place, but you like what you like!
    • Concealer: This is another splurge point for me. I find that the more inexpensive concealers crease and wear off quickly. I’ve also had my MUFE Ultra HD consealer for nearly 6 months now and I’m just now beginning to run low. Sometimes you end up paying more for drug store brands in that sense.
    • Eyeshadow Palette: When you pick out an eyeshadow palette I think it’s important to have a few good transition shades and a couple pops of color. This will allow you to create lots of looks with just one palette. Something that is versatile and gives me more bang for my buck is a win in my book. You could always opt for the Coastal Scents 252 Palette and get every color you could ever want.
    • Brow Something or Other: If you’re just getting started, I would HIGHLY suggest making an investment in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. I’ve tried other “dupes” and really, nothing compares and it will last you quite a while! It truly is goof proof and comes in plenty of shades to fit everyone.
    • Blush Palette: Ok so I’ve never been a blush palette kind of girl, but ever since I snatched up my Morphe blush palette, I’m totally sold on the concept. Keep an eye on Hautelook because the last 2 sales have included the blush palette for $15. Considering you get 9 blushes in the palette, that’s an AWESOME deal!
    • Bronzer (without shimmer): Finding a bronzer without shimmer will allow you to use it as a bronzer, contour and eyeshadow. Again, go for versatility. If you go for an eyeshadow palette that has a bronzer color in it, don’t be afraid to use it on your cheeks. I have found that Too Faced soliel bronzers are perfect for any skin tone (they’re available in milk chocolate, chocolate and dark chocolate) and they smell delicious!
    • Setting powder & setting spray: Grab a translucent powder to make sure all of your makeup stays in place and doesn’t crease. Take a lesson from drag queens and get the Coty Airspun translucent powder. It’s $6 at Wal-Mart and competes with any high-end brand. While you’re at Wal-Mart, get some Nyx setting spray. You can get dewy or matte finishes. I love this stuff and it makes my makeup look like skin instead of a cakey mask.

Hopefully that helps you narrow down your list. If you’re trying to be mindful of your budget, try checking out these websites before you head to Sephora, Ulta or the drug store. These are affiliate links but if you follow me you know that I actually use these quite often and can vouch for them personally.

Ebates: You wouldn’t believe all the cosmetics companies that are on Ebates! It Cosmetics, Kat Von D, drugstore.com, MAC, and literally hundreds more. You earn cash back and sometimes they even have special promotions like free shipping and what not.

Hautelook: You’d think I work for this company the way I tout it, but seriously, it’s the bomb.com. If you sign up you’ll be notified of their sales and you can get a preview of sales happening later in the week. That’s where I get my Morphe and Becca products most of the time.

AllCosmeticsWholesale: Another awesome website where you can find name brand cosmetics at wholesale prices.


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