This Is “Married With Children” Sexy

Dear Husband,

I want you to know that I truly think you’re the sexiest man on this planet. I still get butterflies when I see you. As much as I pretend that I hate it, I think it’s hilarious when you thrust your nude manhood around like an unemployed stripper. I love it when you drop it down low and pick it up slow for me. I love twerking to the Daniel Tiger theme song with you in the kitchen. Sometimes I don’t feel sexy. Actually, most of the time I don’t feel sexy. I’ve gained weight. I only fit comfortably in things that stretch and I’m starting to see wrinkles accumulate on my face. I see our age and wisdom slowly showing up on you too. A few salt and pepper strands of hair. Metabolism slowing down and tiredness on your face. But hot damn you are one sexy-ass man!

usYou’re getting even sexier the older we get. Do you know why? That voluptuous body of yours that you’re self conscious about held me when our walls were thin and our house was freezing. You gave me the bigger “half” of our rice and beans dinner because you knew I was hungry and we didn’t have food in the house. Your laugh lines formed when all we wanted to do was cry but we chose to laugh. Your arms caught me when my dad called and said he was dying and I knew he wouldn’t be alive to meet the grandson I was carrying. We’ve been through so much together and all that we’ve been through shines through and just amplifies my attraction to you.holding jack


There are days when I’m so touched out I simply can’t muster the strength and energy to pursue you and I’m afraid that may take a toll on you. Please know that I’m not any less attracted to you. I don’t want you any less. I love the few minutes we get every week to snuggle and the rare occasion that we have the opportunity to do more than that. Just like we made it through all other tests, we’ll get through this sexual dry spell once the kids are a bit older. Please know that with every giggle shared with our boys, every sacrifice, struggle, success and failure, every day that goes by that I get the privilege of being your wife, you get exponentially sexier. babywearing2

And for the record, I can’t wait to tear in to dat ass when I’m older, fatter and wrinklier too!

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