BuenaSkin Triple C Vitamin C Serum Review

buenaskin4BuenaSkin kindly sent me a bottle of their Triple C Vitamin C Serum for my honest review and I am thoroughly impressed with it so far!


I have very sensitive and normal/dry skin. Vitamin C serums tend to scare me because of my sensitivity to citrus but I did not have any adverse reactions to this product whatsoever.  I had a few breakouts prior to using BuenaSkin and there was a very slight tingling sensation on those breakout spots when I first applied it. It did not sting or hurt and the tingling sensation disappeared in just a couple minutes.

This serum is supposed to help reduce fine lines, firm and brighten the skin and reduce age spots. Before applying make sure you cleanse your skin. I find that if I exfoliate in the evening prior to applying I see better results, but that’s totally optional. Using the dropper provided, place a small amount of the serum in your hand and gently rub onto your face and neck. It will remain tacky for just a few minutes. After it dries, I apply my usual moisturizer and makeup if I’m in the mood! Use this in the morning and at night.BuenaSkin1

Since using this I have noticed a dramatic reduction in redness and texture on my skin. My skin is so firm and hydrated I cannot imagine not having this as part of my skin care regimen. In fact, I’ve been able to eliminate my primer from my makeup routine since my skin is so smooth. I’m also having to use less foundation since my redness is nearly gone.

This does not leave your skin feeling greasy but it does give you a luminous glow that leaves your skin looking youthful and hydrated. I give this product 5 stars and the value is incredible. It is currently listed on Amazon for $21.49. Considering I have been able to eliminate my primer and my skin looks amazing even without makeup, I think it’s a great bargain.

This product is made in the USA and is paraben and cruelty free which is obviously something I love to see! You can find a full product description on their Amazon listing here.


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