To The Girls Who Miss Their Dads on Father’s Day

It’ll be strange tomorrow when you wake up and the person you’re wanting to celebrate is no longer here. It’ll sting when you watch commercials celebrating Father’s Day and it is yet another reminder that your dad is not here. When you get that email suggesting you make a purchase for your dad and it just so happens to be something he would’ve loved, it’ll make you miss him that much more. I know it is tempting to bury those feelings and get angry and resentful that your hero and best friend was taken far too soon. But I encourage you to think back to a time before the cancer, before the accident, before the illness when your dad was happy and you were his entire world. Remember his smile and take a moment on Father’s Day to do something that would’ve made him smile. Watch his favorite movie, listen to his favorite song, do a random act of kindness, tell a joke or have a picnic. Do something that honors his memory. I promise this will make this day one to be celebrated rather than one that you resent.

Take a moment to be grateful for the time that you did have with your dad, no matter how brief and how his memory is shaping you into the person you are today. Being sad and angry is normal. It’s ok to cry and to miss him and to long for one more conversation, touch, laugh or hug. But instead of being consumed by sadness, make a conscious effort to consume yourself with good and happy memories.

“We have memories so that we may have roses in winter.” For many of us daddy’s girls whose dad’s are in Heaven, Father’s Day is a cold wintery day and that’s ok. Look at old pictures, reflect on past conversations, and conjure up a rose so beautiful that it’ll sustain the cold wintery winds you may feel on Father’s Day. When someone you love so deeply is gone, they leave a void. You have the power to fill that void with whatever you choose. If you choose bitterness and sadness, it’ll blind you to the beauty that is still in this world. If you choose happiness, you will see your dad in everything beautiful and loving that surrounds you.


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