Crochet Memories

My granny was the type of grandmother everyone wishes they had. She was soft spoken, intelligent, thoughtful, and so incredibly strong. One year ago today she passed away. While I’m still grieving her passing, she has continued to teach me so much.


Granny made the most beautiful crochet doilies. Made with the most delicate yarn and intricate details. You can find one on nearly every table in my home. What I never noticed until now is how beautifully they represent her. At first glance they seem dainty and simple.granny3 But if you take the time to look closely, you’ll see an intricate design that is rugged and strong. When it came time to decorate our first house, it never truly became home without Granny’s doilies on display. A house is just bricks without love to make it a home. Even though she’s no longer physically with us, her memories lay like crochet doilies on the coffee table – reminding us that you can be strong without being abrasive, you can find beauty in simplicity and love can be strong enough to last long after we leave this earth.

Some people say that what we leave behind are just “things” and that what’s truly important are the memories. Having lost people very close to me, I can tell you that being able to touch things that they were passionate about – crochet doilies, guitars, blankets, t-shirts, you name it – it makes bringing back that memory a little easier. Watching my son strum my dad’s guitar and snuggling with my Granny’s handmade blanket are my ways of remembering the people I love


What are you going to leave behind as your legacy? What will your loved ones look at or use that will bring back the most beautiful memories of you?

I love you granny and you are missed every day. I’ll see you when the leaves turn red and the cardinals rest on the snowy branches. granny

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