Dear Santa,

My Christmas list is different this year, Santa. You won’t find the typical items. No electronics, no perfume, and no gift cards. I’ve learned a lot about what’s important this year, and I hope you’ll bring me these few things. 


  • Serenity. I don’t want to worry about a bill, money, making anyone happy, searching for clients. I just want to be and breathe and reflect. 
  • Belly laughs. I want to laugh so hard that I wake up the next morning feeling sore. 
  • Opportunities to pay it forward. Put someone in my path that needs me, my services, or anything I can offer. Give me the opportunity to turn their day around.
  • Peaceful connections. Let me be able to stare into my son’s eyes and embrace his soul. Let him know through my gaze that he is loved unconditionally and always has a safe place to call home.
  • Hindsight. Allow me the chance to review my mistake and learn how to make myself a better person, mother and wife. 
  • Health. Let my family enjoy our healthy, vibrant days and may our unhealthy days be short and few. 
  • Silliness. I want to dance and be goofy with my son and husband as much as possible. 
  • Puddles. Give me puddles for me and my wobbly-walking toddler can stomp in.
  • Success. Let our hard work and persistence be enough to provide for our family and meet our needs.

Santa, this is the first year that we have not had steady income. We quit our safe jobs in order to start our own business. This is something we thought would be best for our family and give us the opportunity to spend more time with our sweet baby. While we’ve not prospered financially as of yet,  we have been able to be together every day and grow as a family. This opportunity has been such a blessing and we would not trade it for any monetary exchange. We gathered our last few dollars and were able to give our son a few things to open this Christmas. While you do not need to bring any gifts down the chimney, we would love for you to still visit our home. We’ll have cookies and almond milk waiting for you on the table. Thank you for reading my Christmas list and may you have safe travels this Christmas Eve.

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