Pinterest Fail

Social Media is a beautiful thing but man, oh. man can it make me feel like a shitty mom sometimes! Since WE control what is shared, we can choose to portray whatever image we want. On Facebook, I have a perfect marriage, genius kid, booming businesses, and rarely have a rough day. I’m not intentionally sharing this “perfect” life without flaws, but I just don’t see the need in sharing negativity with the world. Without realizing it though, I think I’m really hurting my “mom” friends out there. They don’t know that some nights I cry myself to sleep because I’m stressed over bills. They don’t know that I pray for patience for dealing with my one year old. They don’t know that my husband and I don’t have time to cuddle every night and discuss our days. They don’t know that my house looks like absolute shit and dishes are piled up in the sink. They don’t know about the late fees I paid last month because bills were tight. 

For me, Pinterest is especially frustrating. In one condensed board, I have images of parties, photography, patient parenting tips, and glimpses into “perfect” lives. My son’s first birthday party just passed and I was beating myself up for only having candid poorly lit pictures of the event. I decorated with streamers and balloons… not crafts from Hobby Lobby. I have no shadow box commemorating the day. Had I not seen any of these grand party ideas on Pinterest, I would not be beating myself up so badly right now. 

Now, my beef is not with the original Pinners by any means. Typically they’re blogs and they’re proud of the work they’ve done. I’d be too. Hell, I posted pictures of my post-wrap body. I’m not trying to make any mamas feel bad about their bodies, I’m just really freaking excited about MY results and I know that these bloggers and pinners are no different. My beef isn’t even with the repinners or with Pinterest itself. My problem is when I look at this condensed version of a perfect life and give myself unrealistic expectations. 

I think that’s why I’m attracted to Pinterest Fail posts, vloggers that aren’t scared to talk about poop (BabyBellyKelli), and why I feel obligated to share that my shit stinks, and while I’m a fabulous loving mother, I’m not a Pinterest mom by any means!

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