10 Months Old!

I’m definitely late but I wanted to document Colt’s 10 months of life! 

He is definitely looking like a little boy lately. He still has his baby fat, chubby cheeks and jack-o-lantern grin but I can visualize him as a toddler every once and a while. He’s a very solemn little boy. He rarely coos, “talks”, or cries. He’s always happy but is just a quiet baby. I have a theory about this: He’s very observant. Before he tries anything on his own, he masters it in his mind. Before he crawled, he wanted to watch others do it almost to make sure that he had the movement down right before he did it. Before he took the wheel of the golf cart, he watched several family members steer to see where to grasp the wheel. I feel like he’s trying to observe us talking before he makes a peep. Who knows, maybe he’ll just blurt out a sentence one day! His 8th tooth emerged just after he turned 10 months. His hair is filling in and it looks to be strawberry blonde. His eyes are still light blue and he has very long eye lashes. 

As far as his developmental milestones go, he is continuing to pull up and walk while supported. He occasionally stands on his own (unsupported) for just an instant. He is eating finger foods but is not a fan of feeding himself. He’d much rather play with his food than put it in his mouth. He is getting much better at playing by himself. His favorite thing to do is take his 88 cent Valentine chocolate tin and scoot it around on the floor. It’s the funniest thing! It HAS to be face down and when he comes across a different texture on the floor, he spins the tin a few times and then goes onto the next stretch of floor. He also inspects every little thing with his index fingers. If he’s crawling on wood floors, he takes that index finger and inspects the knots. 

He is such a loving baby! He gives big kisses, hugs and smiles when we walk in the room. He gets frustrated with nearly every diaper change. He just does not want to be still for that long, I suppose. He also hates his car seat. He has from day one. I am hoping that when it’s time to turn him around and be forward-facing that he will enjoy it more. We shall see!

This is such a poorly written, haphazard blog but I wanted to document his 10 month changes!Image 

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