50 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

I’m jumping into the tag game and am attempting the 50 random things you didn’t know about me tag.

1. I have a half brother and while we do have different dads we are just as close as “regular” siblings. We’ve grown closer since we have gotten older. He is 12 years older than me.

2. I see ghosts/spirits/dead people. I have had this gift since I was 4 and have been able to communicate with family members that I did not have the opportunity to meet in the physical world.

3. I’m impulsive. I’ll get something in my head like moving to another state or cutting my hair and usually act on it.

4. I remember the most obscure details. I can tell you what my aunt was wearing during my baptism when I was 3. I can vividly remember what my spelling book looked like in 3rd grade and can remember drawing on my pencil box in 5th grade. WHY is my mind filled with this useless stuff?

5. I can fly. I tell my husband this ALL the time and he gets so frustrated. But I do believe I can actually fly. Small increments, of course. Nothing crazy like floating above a house.

6. One of the best ways to start my morning is to stretch the perfect way in that my back pops from my tail bone to my neck.

7. I dunk my Oreos “too long” and love it when they’re soggy.

8. Drinking the crumbly Oreo milk gives me a high that only fattening Oreo milk could give.

9. I tend to play the victim card too often. I’m trying to work on being the heroin rather than the damsel.

10. I am a vlogger on Youtube. I kept it quiet for a long time but when I was discovered at my job I was mortified. After a while I got over it and embraced my candidness.

11. I have never once been able to convince myself that I’m beautiful. I can’t just accept myself with all of my flaws. I always find something that needs to be fixed or worked on.

12. I would rather be skinny than healthy. I’ll say the opposite but that’s just so I don’t sound shallow. Of course, I’d rather be both, but IF I had to choose, I’d choose skinny.

13. I tend to imagine worst case scenarios and work myself up and convince myself that something bad is going to happen. I literally have to tell my mind to shut the hell up and stop being negative.

14. I hate wearing shoes. I’ve been told how bad flip flops are for me but I hate wearing shoes.

15. I believe I’m a talented writer and miss creative writing and getting graded for it in school. I just knew I would blow away my teachers and loved impressing them.

16. When I was younger I wanted a cast so bad (for my friends to sign) that I punched my leg thinking that would do the job. I barely even bruised my leg. **See victim card bullet**

17. I’ve not been the best friend. I get busy with life and forget to check in with people that mean a lot to me.


18. I know NOTHING about the bible. I went to Catholic school most of my life, read the bible, aced tests on it but can’t tell you the first thing about it. I do consider myself to be a Christian but I am an uneducated one. I am working on that though.

19. I’m not a very good housekeeper. I used to be but since moving in with my husband I am rarely home and neglect the things I used to be obsessed with.

20. Bodily functions annoy me. I get irritated when I get interrupted to pee.

21. I hate thinking about outer space. It’s infinite and it is too big for me to begin to grasp.

22. While I KNOW that dinosaurs existed, it is hard for me to believe that they actually roamed the Earth. The Triceratops is essentially a unicorn.

23. On our second date, I knew that I would marry my husband.

24. I am double jointed. I can bend my index finger back and bend my knuckles so that my hands look like claws.

25. I have never broken a bone.

26. Giving birth was an adrenaline rush that I crave now.

27. I respect everyone’s birth story but I really do feel like a super woman for being able to get through it without an epidural.

28. I can be SO mean. If you make me mad, say something hurtful to someone I love or pick a fight, I will stoop to your level and cut you down so fast. Not a good quality, but it’s true.

29. I could probably eat pizza every single day and not get tired of it.

30. I wish I could afford to eat fresh, organic food every day.


31. Money has been a huge factor in my life. I could not afford to finish my degree (didn’t have good enough credit for a loan). I feel that not having “enough” money is always on my mind. It gets old.

32. I LOVE It Works! I feel that I am going to be incredibly successful in my business and Im’ going to help other women reach financial freedom.

33. I’m a candle freak. Growing up my mom had a pantry full of candles and I would love to have the same one day.

34. I miss having a swimming pool. I LOVED swimming and was in the pool almost every day when we had one.

35. I know that I am a great mother. I’ve doubted myself in a lot of other aspects of my life but never once have I questioned my parenting skills.

36. I am nursing my 10 month old with no plans of weaning him until he is ready.

37. Fall is my favorite season.

38. I want to be more Christ-centered in my life and truly live for Christ.

39. I eat too much fast food and it grosses me out! I feel miserable.

40. I can play the piano but I’m not very good. I have tried to teach myself how to read music but end up learning music quicker by ear.

41. I would rather hold my son while he’s sleeping and ignore chores. I know I won’t get to do this for long and I savor every second of it.


42. I could be a better wife. I need to be more supportive.

43. I love going on cruises! It’s my favorite type of vacation.

44. My feelings are easily hurt and I take things too personally. Not responding to messages, texts or emails hurt my feelings.

45. I am quick to blame others for my own mistakes.

46. I have tried multiple times to read Harry Potter but just can’t get into it.

47. I was more heated by the poor writing in 50 Shades of Grey than the sex scenes.

48. I didn’t vote in the past election. I was in labor and I did not like any candidate running for President.

49. I hate watching the news due to all of the negativity.

50. I love gummies of all kinds but my favorite are the white Sharks.

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