My Lush Review

As a mom (to a precious little 6 month old) I have learned to cherish moments when I can take care of myself and to be informed about the products I bring into my home. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Lush. Where has it been all my life?! First of all, their staff is amazing. They have colorful hair, tattoos, piercings, personalities, style and individuality. It’s so nice to not see a cookie cutter cashier pushing some cucumber-melon hand sanitizer down my throat. Plus, they’re willing to take the time to let me try products in the store, explain Lush’s mission and values, and get excited over the products. 

Honestly though, they don’t have to work too hard to sell the products as they are absolutely phenomenal. I wanted to review the products I have purchased from Lush to share my excitement with you all! While I have received samples in the store (they let you do that!), these are all products that I have purchased and these are my honest opinions!

Ocean Salt:

As I’m nursing my son, I can’t have any alcohol but this is a pretty good alternative! Seriously, it’s like putting a tropical cocktail on my face! Ocean Salt is a scrub that is good for all skin types that has exciting ingredients like sea salt (saw that coming), avocado, coconut oil and a lime extracted in vodka (hence, the cocktail reference). I talked my husband into trying it and he’s been using it on his chest and arms. He smells sexy and has super soft skin! I use it everywhere 2-3 times a week and am SO impressed with the results. 

Ocean Salt
Ocean Salt

9 to 5:

ImageFirst of all, whenever I mention this product, I can’t get Dolly Parton’s voice out of my head. This is a great everyday cleanser. It’s awesome for removing makeup but won’t leave your skin with that stripped feeling. I have sensitive skin with redness on my cheeks and chin so finding a cleanser that is gentle, effective and doesn’t contain a bunch of mystery chemicals is hard to come by. This stuff ROCKS! It smells fabulous. You can definitely smell the gentle almond oil and dove orchids. The first time I used it I made my husband smell my face. That’s what we do… This product is absolutely safe for sensitive skin. The best part is, the more I use it, the better my skin looks. I don’t even have to wear a lot of makeup to cover up anymore!



My plan was actually to go back and buy Celestial (another great moisturizer) but since they were out, the lovely Lush people suggested I try Imperialis. Oh Em Gee! I have NO MORE REDNESS since using this moisturizer. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and dewy. I look like I had a full night of sleep… (remember that 6 month old?!). The lavender infusion really balances out my skin and the orange blossom really brightens me up and leaves my skin feeling beautiful! It’s not thick and heavy but packs the punch of a heavy-duty (more expensive) product.


Jackie Oats:

My aunt always said to be “Classy like Jackie O” and that is exactly what this product delivers! Oats and honey are always a great combination for your skin. Those ingredients calm your skin and leave you with a porcelain finish. When I first purchased this, I was using it for full coverage (and it WILL give you full coverage) but since pairing it with my other skin routines I have been able to mix it with my Imperialis and use it as a tinted moisturizer. It’s wonderful! I could never leave the house without caked on makeup before and now I feel stunning with even less!

Jackie Oats
Jackie Oats

Angels on Bare Skin:

Angels on Bare Skin
Angels on Bare Skin

I’m not going to lie, this looks a little funky, but it is FABULOUS! This is a very gentle lavender and rose scrub made from clay and ground almonds (how gentle!). This is another great cleanser for sensitive skin and a great option if you are looking to even out your skin tone. What’s even more fantastic is that it’s preservative and package free!

Emotional Brilliance:

Jojoba oil is just one of those multi-functional oils that is great for so many things. I use it in my cloth wipe solution, use it instead of the traditional baby oil, and even put some drops in my son’s bath. It’s also one of the ingredients in this finishing powder. EB powder is great to give you a matte finish & to help set your makeup, or to wear it on its own to even out your skin tone. It’s the shiz-nit.

Emotional Brilliance


Perspective Liquid “Lipstick”:

Perspective Liquid Lipstick

This stuff is in popular demand. I was on a “waiting list” for it and I still ended up getting the last one in the shipment. It’s stunning. The color is very natural and goes on smooth. It also stays on all day. It outlasts a ton of baby kisses! I put lipstick in quotations because I also use it as blush. Just remember that a little goes a long way. Put too much on your cheeks and you’ll look a little clown-ish. 

Toothy Tabs:

I have to be honest, these took some getting used to. The texture was a little weird, but basically it’s an alternative to toothpaste. They come in little tabs about the size of a Smartee candy.We first bought Chou Chou I love You. You just chew up the tabs in your mouth, wet your toothbrush and brush like normal. The Chou Chou I Love You tabs taste like lemony roses but still leave  your mouth feeling fresh. Then we bought the Dirty toothy tabs. I personally liked these a little more because you get that spearmint freshness that toothpaste delivers. What’s great is that they come in a cardboard box (not harmful plastic)! Yay for using less OIL!

Dirty Toothy Tabs
Dirty Toothy Tabs

Dish Fairy:

Dish Fairy
Dish Fairy

While I’d normally be against buying your mom something that involves cleaning for Mother’s Day, this is the ultimate exception! Soap on a rope is so yesterday, what you need is soap on a stick! Just fill up your sink with dirty dishes, run warm water over the Dish Fairy’s wings, and let them soak. Scrub, rinse and you’re done! I’ve tested this with caked on (dried) cake, greasy pans, and baby bottles. I’m completely impressed! My husband has excema on his finger and this is gentle enough for him to use. I got one for my Mother-in-law and our fairy is resting her wings by our sink. I really hope Lush comes out with more cleaning products!! (hint, hint!)


Ickle Baby Bot:

 Since my little one is still taking baths in the sink, I didn’t use the entire bot and it still chilled my baby out. He’s 6 months old and is cutting teeth like nobody’s business. He’s understandably fussy and fights sleep lately. I’ve added this to our bath routine and it’s fantastic. Just drop the bot into a warm bath, watch it fizzle (and turn the water a beautiful blue) and smell the lovely chamomile, lavender and sandalwod. My baby has VERY sensitive skin and this was safe for him. What’s even better is that it doesn’t come in a plastic bottle and it’s all natural!

Ickle Baby Bot
Ickle Baby Bot

Lush does occasionally use synthetics, but they are SAFE. They don’t test on animals, their products are hand made (and often times have a sticker saying who made it!), buy ethically, and have vegetarian & vegan products. Check them out at 

***Shout out to the Lush store in Brandon FL!!

5 thoughts on “My Lush Review

  1. Lush is amazing! I definitely recommend the Comforter for bubble bars! Also, since you’re a mommy, I bet you’d love the solid shampoo bars. They come in tons of scents/formulas and are super fast to lather!


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