My Mind’s Eye

Everyone daydreams and fantasizes now and then. Whether its about the future, past, or some hot jogger you saw around the lake, it’s nice to escape reality every once and a while.
Today I let myself indulge. If you didn’t know, my husband and I quit our jobs to move to TN (we currently live in FL) to be closer to family & to start our own business. We made the decision to rent until we find exactly where we want to be. I found a rental that is absolutely gorgeous and that’s when my mind’s eye wander.
In the low quality pictures I could see my son stumbling to take his first steps in the cozy wood floored living room. I saw my husbands business equipment in the stereotypical red barn. Colton’s cloth diapers were line drying as I was picking fresh herbs on the white wooden porch. In a town whose population doesn’t even exceed 800, I saw my life slowing down.
It’s not a cookie cutter house that was constructed to look only slightly different from your neighbor’s. You can’t use a pool net to transport goods to your next door neighbor’s window. There is just something about it that sings “home”.
Looking forward to seeing what path God has in store for us.



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