Maternity Leave Day 2-6: Baby boy has arrived!

Yes, it’s true! My son Colton is finally here! Very quickly, while he’s sleeping, I’ll let you know how my labor and delivery went.

On Tuesday (Day 2 of Maternity Leave) I woke up at 3am with strong contractions and (TMI Alert!) bloody show. I waited a few hours and my husband and I went to the hospital around 7am. After some monitoring they decided to send me home since I wasn’t dilating. What was funny was that the nurses and security guard all told me that they’d see me later. I had my LAST prenatal visit around 2pm that day where I still hadn’t dilated. My doctor told me that she was on call that night and if the contractions continued that she would not send me home. 

I went home and decided to relax and try to breathe through these contractions. I was determined to get him out though. I had a 1/2 glass of wine, bounced on my exercise ball and even did jumping jacks. My hard work paid off because at 4:45 my water broke! I was in bed relaxing when I felt the gush. My husband came  home from work and we went to the hospital (again). They checked my fluid and sure enough, my water broke! We weren’t going home without Colton this time. 

They started Pitocin because my water broke and they didn’t want to risk infection. Pitocin helps the contractions and gets baby out quicker. They asked me about pain management.I told them that I was open to an epidural but I would like to go as long as I could without one. Around 7pm the contractions were pretty bad so they gave me Nubane. Not the biggest fan of that. It made me groggy but it did take the edge off the pain. A few more hours went by and the pain was horrific. I asked them if I could get the epidural. The nurse said I was probably only about a 3 at that point so she just gave me another shot of Nubane since it was too early for the epidural. Another hour or so went by and I was shaking in pain. I wanted the epidural. The doctor checked me and I was 8-9 cm. They called the anesthesiologist but it was too late. They left the room and I had the urge to push. My husband got the nurses & the doctor checked me. I was complete and it was time to push this baby out! (WITHOUT AN EPIDURAL).

Typically when I’m in pain I get very quiet and I anticipated labor to be the same. Umm no. I was screaming at the top of my lungs. The 2nd dose of Nubane didn’t work at all. But we had no choice but to get him out.

I pushed for 12 minutes and just like that he was here. The pain immediately stopped and I was in awe of my son. He didn’t cry too much but he was perfectly healthy. 8lbs 2oz, 19 3/4 inches born at 4:07 on 11/7/12. It’s funny how those numbers stick with you.

I had 1 small tear on the inside that just needed 2 stitches. I can tell you that tearing was my worst fear and I know that’s a common fear to have for 1st time moms. I was numbed and she sewed me up. I only felt a couple pokes – it’s not a traumatic experience. What I wasn’t expecting was a GIANT hemrhoid. It made sitting and sleeping so uncomfortable. No lie, it was the size of a large grape. 

Recovery was a little harder than I expected. Going to the bathroom is like planning a vacation. First I have to fill up my water bottle (that I “wipe” with) with warm water. Then I have to gather the assortment of feminine products to adorn my mesh underwear with. Once you get into the routine though, it’s not so bad.

I’m now about 4 days postpartum. The bleeding has slowed down (breast feeding helps!), and the pain is going away. I’m taking Motrin for pain. I’m also using dermoplast spray & witch hazel for “down there” which helps tremendously.

I’ll write an update about baby Colton shortly but for now it’s time for him to eat!Image 

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