A Foot Rub by Fate

I have been looking forward to a relaxing pedicure for quite some time. I told everyone I knew that as soon as I was 37 weeks I would go get a relaxing pedicure and hopefully go into labor. Well, Saturday I went and got a ‘Mommy to be” pedicure and while it was lovely, I did not get the foot and leg massage that the package was supposed to include. When I left my feet were so cramped and to say the least, I was disappointed. It isn’t like me to call and complain, but since I had looked forward to this for so long, I had to call. The manager made it right and offered a complimentary foot and leg massage with one of their massage therapists. I went today and had my massage. It just so happened to be a day when my feet were extremely swollen and I NEEDED someone to rub my feet. She did an amazing job and during our session she had mentioned that she wanted to be pregnant. We eventually started to talk about her TTC journey and how she’s been trying for nearly a year and a half. That was me! I instantly wanted to get up and give her a hug because I know how hard it is to constantly get a BFN (Big Fat Negative). Here she was rubbing a pregnant woman’s swollen feet and ankles and she was so positive about it. I let her know about the TTC community on Youtube and Facebook. So if you’re reading this, welcome! I believe it was fate that I came back at that exact time for a foot rub. I know she’s going to get her BFP (Big Fat Positive) very soon. Baby dust to you!


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