Dry Run- Hospital Visit & Early Labor

On Friday night I was having contractions that were 4-6 minutes apart. They weren’t very painful, just annoying. The best way I can describe it is that someone was tightening a belt around my stomach and slowly letting it go. When I lay down and keep my hands on my belly I can feel it inflate slowly. Everything gets tight. i can feel slight pain in my back and down low in my lady parts. After timing the contractions for 2 hours, I convinced myself to go to the hospital. I’ve been totally against doing this. I knew that if I ever went to the hospital before something dramatic happened (like my water breaking), they would just send me home. I knew that it would be an embarrassing experience, the nurses would think I was stupid and my doctor would lecture me at my next appointment.

The reason why I went (other than my contractions being so regular) was to A.) confirm that what I was feeling was actually a contraction, and B.) make sure the baby wasn’t under any stress from me contracting so often. After I was hooked up to the monitor and saw the spikes every couple minutes I knew that I was right. i was actually having contractions. When those spikes occurred his heartbeat stayed normal and he didn’t appear to be under any stress.  There were 2 nurses there that night. They were very nice & knew I wanted to stay to have this baby. The first checked me. Cervix is still pretty closed… bummer. My husband thought it was awesome that I got “fisted” by a nurse. I told him it was fabulous but it wasn’t the other “hot nurse”. He laughed and agreed. Then they tested to see if my water had broken since I had some fluid leaking. The test would take 45 minutes so that is how long they monitored me for. The test came back negative (so I probably peed or had really watery CM). Finally the “hot nurse” came back and announced that she wanted to check my cervix again. I looked over my husband and he had the biggest perverted grin on his face. Yes, I got fisted by the hot nurse. No matter what our bill is for that hospital visit, I’m sure it was worth every penny to him. Ultimately, they let me know that I’m in early labor and just come back when I can’t breathe through my contractions or if my water breaks.

When we left I didn’t feel stupid or embarrassed for going. I was looking out for my baby’s best interest and there’s nothing wrong with that. We also got to see what it was like to do a dry run for when the big day actually happens.


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